LE MAC is a Nairobi skyscraper with a glass-floor sky-walk which can help you beat fear of heights(Acrophobia)

Le Mac, Westlands Nairobi

Le’ Mac is owned by Mark Properties, a property developer in Nairobi. The tower was financed through private equity at a total of KSh 3.5 billion (approximately US$35,000,000 as of 2015). L’e Mac’s 30 levels are divided as:

Le Mac Building in Westlands Nairobi
  • Three basement parking levels
  • Ground floor banking and café amenities
  • Storeys 1 through 6: open plan office space intended for banks, showrooms and other offices
  • Storey 7: service level
  • Storeys 8 through 23: residential
  • Storeys 24 through 27: pool, gym, sauna/steam room and restaurant
Le Mac Building in Westlands Nairobi

With Glass Floor (24 floors up)126 Metres high you can beat the fear of heights and walk on the glass floor…Yes you can!!



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