Garden weddings limited to 15 people, private wedding at AG’s office restricted to four as marriage services resume; applications to be done online.

Marriage services had been stopped due to the rise of coronavirus infections in the country.Those who needed the services were advised to do it online
On 4th June 2020 during a media briefing at Sheria House , the OAG&DOJ Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Ms Winnie Guchu said 22 marriages were ready to be rolled out after the couples agreed to the new conditions. An additional 793 couples who were scheduled to hold their civil marriages at the same venue were to re-apply for their marriage licenses which expired during the halting of these services in mid-March 2020.

According to the law, the licenses are valid for 90 days within which period the couple, from the application stage and payment of a stipulated fee, must have solemnized their wedding. The affected couples will not need to pay a new fee as the delay was not occasioned by them.

Another 1,742 couples slated for Civil, Christian and Hindu marriages also need to start the whole process afresh, by applying for their mandatory 21-day notices. They too, were not charged afresh. All marriages in Kenya are registered with the Office of Attorney General and Department of Justice.

The CAS noted that currently only the backlog cases will be dealt with and advised new applicants to await the moving of these manual services to a digital platform. Speaking during the same function Mr. Silas Oswe of eCitizen Digital Services confirmed the digitization plans are at an advanced stage.

This, he said, will enable Kenyans apply for marriages in the comfort of their homes and will greatly cut down the human interaction currently observed at Marriages Registries countrywide. An average of 400 people flock the registries daily during the high season in search of various marriage services.

Cas Ms Guchu during a press briefing

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, Sheria House used to attend to about 400 clients during low season and 600 clients during the high season months of August and December. The closure in May resulted to the suspension of 2,551 marriages



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