Gatundu South Mp Moses Kuria has been admitted at Karen Hospital for Covid-19.He said that he has been in hospital for 27 days and that Covid-19 is real.

Gatundu South Mp Moses Kuria

In a statement on his facebook page he said ,”I really hope that beyond all the debate around Covid-19, all and sundry will not forget that Corona Virus is real. The worst thing we can do is to lower our guard! And above all let us remember our gallant front line workers- Not just doctors and nurses like but subordinate staff who put their lives in the line of danger to give care to Corona Virus patients. If you are in a hospital bed- Like myself for the last 27 days here at Karen Hospital you witness first hand the amount of sacrifice they make amid vert difficult circumstances. You learn to focus more on the virus and our front line workers, and less on side shows. We shall overcome COVID-19”

Публикувахте от Moses Kuria в Сряда, 2 септември 2020 г.


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