Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has been cleared by the Registrar of parties to via for Nairobi Gubernatorial by-election as an independent candidate.

On Monday, the Registrar of parties approved Waititu’s symbol as an independent candidate, giving him the green light to join the race to City Hall as governor Mike Sonko’s replacement.

Waititu lost his seat as the Kiambu Governor in January, after being impeached by the Members of the County Assembly in Kiambu, who accused him of three charges; Violation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Crimes under the National Law, and Abuse of office/ Gross Misconduct.

The Senate, in a plenary session, voted to uphold the impeachment, after they found him guilty of the charges. Waititu became the first governor to lose his seat.

In the first charge, 27 Senators voted for his removal against 10 who objected, in the second and third charges, 28 voted in support while 11 against.



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