Eliud Owalo, a former campaign manager for Raila Odinga who ditched the Orange Party to join Musalia Mudavadi’s Amani National Congress (ANC) in 2019 during Kibra’s by election, has now declared his support for Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 State House ambitions.

Deputy President WIlliam Ruto with Eliud Owalo

Owallo when announcing the move in his social media platform said,”

I’VE JOINED THE HUSTLER MOVEMENT, AND GOING THE FULL-HOG WITH BILL RUTO 2022Over the past two months, I’ve done a great deal of internal reflection, consulted widely, scanned and analyzed emerging issues in the political environment. It is evident that the real problems facing Kenya today are high levels of unemployment; high costs of living; blatant corruption; spiraling debt at all levels; and loss of purchasing power of the consumer. We are also witnessing a worrying trend where the democratic space we have witnessed over the past two decades is drastically diminishing as a result of impunity and wanton disregard to the constitution.Regrettably, a section of the political class appears uninterested in addressing the real challenges afflicting the common citizen; but instead opting for the pre-occupation with amassing wealth and pre-mature agitation of change of the constitution to ensure political preservation and personal aggrandizement. If you asck me,90% of Kenyans are not even adequately sensitized on Kenya’s 2010 Constitution; no candid evaluation of the implementation status of our 2010 constitution has been undertaken to determine the milestones realized, challenges faced, implementation gaps, lessons learnt and emerging issues that can then objectively inform constitutional changes, if any? One therefore wonders the rationale behind the urgency in unilaterally rushing to the radical conclusion that we need a constitutional change that is not informed by a technically-feasible position. My honest opinion is that our problem really is not a bad constitution but lack of enforcement and political good will and capture of the state by a few individuals in total disregard to the interests of the Kenyan majority.Equally, there appears to be a worrying scheme by a few select and privileged families to unilaterally decide the leadership of this country in total disregard to the will and wishes of the 45 million Kenyans. More worryingly, there are concerted efforts by the same clique of people to put together ethnic congrolemations as an avenue of attaining political power. Personally, I’m vehemently opposed to and do not subscribe to the school of thought that two or three families should selfishly scheme to rotate the leadership of this country among themselves as a means of perpetuating themselves in power and serving their egocentric economic interests. That, to me is not only a travesty of justice but also a tragedy of epochal dimensions.It is my well-considered opinion that to save our beloved country from the current economic morass and political quagmire, Kenyans need to collectively and individually embark on forging unity of purpose across the country; adopt issue-based politics devoid of personality cults,vendata and vindictiveness; impartially fight corruption; resist impunity; discard the retrogressive culture of negative politics built around ethnic enclaves and tribal chiefs; and chart a new political order aimed at bringing about sanity within our national political fabric to realize economic emancipation and re-establish an equilibrium away from the jaws of the forces of state capture.My humble submission therefore is that we need a decisive; progressive; responsive; all-inclusive; and participatory leadership anchored on people-centric values; social justice; recognition of human rights guided by the rule of law; and responsiveness to the challenges facing the common mwananchi.Based on the foregoing and informed by a contextual analysis of all the probable 2022 Presidential candidates, I have with effect from today made a deliberate and conscious decision to stand with Kenyans by pursuing my political interests and aspirations within the ambit of the “Hustler” Political Matrix. I’m also going the full-hog with Bill Ruto’ 2022.”



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