The Nairobi county assembly has approved the nomination of Anne Kananu as the capital’s first female Deputy Governor .

The committee on Friday said she was cleared by KRA, EACC, had a degree and fulfilled other requirements for the job.

Kananu’s swearing-in is set to take place immediately at KICC.

During her vetting on Friday morning, Kananu pledged to have a seamless working relationship with Nairobi Metropolitan Service to enable services to be delivered to residents.

This is in contrast to impeached Governor Mike Sonko, whose acrimonious relationship with the NMS, among other foibles, led to his removal.

Kananu said she is ready  to work with the Nairobi Metropolitan Service until their tenure ends.

“We need to support NMS for seamless flow of services for Nairobi residents. The outcry has been due to prior poor leadership and governance,” she said.

The chief officer for  disaster  also said she supported BBI, which proposes that Nairobi should be left as a county for the people to feel the fruits of devolution.

Kananu also pledged to form a liaison committee between City Hall and NMS for a better working relationship

The vetting exercise was conducted by the Appointments committee led by Majority Leader Abdi Guyo.


A bloated workforce and delays by the Exchequer on disbursement of funds are among the challenges Kananu said Nairobi faces.

Responding to Minority Leader Michael Ogada, Kananu explained that most challenges facing the CECs and staff at the county were as a result of intimidation by the former county boss.

ananu said if she gets in the DG position, she will not intimidate staff as the county will work in full transparency.

“All accounting officers should never fall victim to intimidation into approving things outside the law. They should stick to the rule of law since it is their signatures appended in the documents and not the Governor’s,” Kananu explained.

She added that her working relationship with her colleagues has been smooth and she will treat everyone equally without favour.



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